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Filed in PROJECTS & DIY — August 25, 2022

One of the trickiest parts of this kitchen design was knowing something needed added next to the cabinetry, but also feeling like I didn’t want anything substantial like bulky open shelving, for example. It’s an area I considered for quite awhile because I’m huge on symmetry, and I knew whatever I did there I had to repeat for the coffee bar.

I toyed with the idea of a vintage open glass hutch piece that would sit on the counter but meet the height of the existing cabinetry. I love this idea for added character, a little warmth, and something unexpected. However, I kept coming back to my inspiration with this organic tile. I loved how airy and open the space felt, and wanted to keep this tile the focus.

One thing I absolutely love about so many kitchen designs I admire was a form of shelving with a brass gallery rail. Most were a built-in hutch or were open cabinetry.

I knew I needed something way more minimal and smaller scale. So I came up with this: DIY Minimal Shelf With Brass Gallery Rail


First, choose your wood. This is a simple project and the type of wood can really make a huge difference here. I wanted more warmth so walnut would be a great choice. On a tight budget? You can always use select pine and distress it using my aging wood technique and stain it found in this post HERE.

Cut wood to size. I wanted these very minimal so I went with a 2″ thick board and only 6″ wide. This obviously can’t hold dishes or anything larger, but that was my intention. I’m utilizing these as minimal spice shelves.

Then, simply install- I found thin, simple corner braces HERE, and used a diamond bit to drill through the tile. Nerve racking but it really is simple. Be sure to use strong anchors! I like that I can easily hide the bracket with pieces on my shelves because they’re so minimal and simple.

For the gallery rail there’s a few options but everything I found was more vintage or too traditional than the look I was going for. You can find true gallery rail pieces HERE and HERE. I opted for a sleek but beautiful brass towel bar, found HERE. I went with the medium size to fit my shelves flipped down. We used the included screws to attach to the front end of the wood.

It has a very similar vibe but is much more cost effective than using vintage or custom gallery railings, and also has a little more sleek, modern/transitional feel. I especially love the warm walnut with the brass against our white organic tile!

I love how dainty they feel and act as just a small accent in the overall space. They’re the perfect size for salt and pepper dishes/mills, oil and vinegar bottles, small glass food storage, and more. A long oversized shelf like this I could see being so beautiful in a pantry lined with glass jar spices. It would also look beautiful in a small bathroom space with perfumes, marble storage for q-tips, and a little candle. I would love to see if you make these shelves tag me on IG or send us a photo so we can share it! Let me know any questions or thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Amy says:

    I love this! Rails are so expensive and I was thinking of using long drawer pulls. I love when people get creative and make a great look like this for less. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love your tile and all the accents. Looks really classy and very well put together.

  2. Hannah says:

    Could you please re-link the rails you used for this project? I love this look and it is such a clever idea!

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