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Filed in DESIGN & STYLING, PROJECTS & DIY — February 19, 2024

Sometimes it takes trying something new to hone in on what you really love. It takes a little time to refine your personal style, and sometimes leaning into trends or trying new things can only better develop your own aesthetic. And that’s exactly how this Modern Organic bedroom refresh came to be.

Last year I tried a DIY limewash and although the technique worked the color was all wrong. I wanted a light muddy taupe color, with multiple coats it still didn’t have the movement I expected and was way too dark. I have a post all about the DIY limewash HERE.

I am glad I tried because it helped hone my true style. I appreciate moody bedrooms and there’s some photos I came across I really loved, but it only proved my true aesthetic. I need my bedroom to feel like a retreat. A peaceful oasis just mine to escape to. Life with 3 boys involved in sports, a busy work schedule and all the things this is the spot I need to be my calming landing place.

When you think about how you want your home or space to feel – it really dictates the direction the design should go. For some that means loads of color or a moody and warm aesthetic. For me, it means bright and airy, warm and cozy.

How can you get both? This is where I landed for the design. Beadboard wall treatment for character, wood beams for the rustic warmth, taupe textiles like my quilt, rug, and euro pillows for warmth, boucle upholstered bed for the extra cozy factor. It all blended so well together.

I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for with a boucle upholstered bed. There’s a few options I considered but they weren’t quite what I envisioned and I didn’t want to spend thousands on a bed I didn’t fully love. It was super easy and straightforward to make. I shared a reel on IG HERE with a look at the process.

We covered a piece of plywood cut to size for the headboard, footboard and two side rails. Added 2″ foam and batting then the fabric over top stapled to the backside of the headboard. The footboard and side rails we only used batting then the fabric. We have a metal bed frame that we used to bolt to the headboard and footboard. The side rails were drilled into both headboard and footboard too.

My curtains are my favorite Amazon affordable Faux Linen drapes. We added bamboo shades as well and I love the texture and airy feel it gives the space. More info on my Amazon curtains HERE. I knew we had to add the wood beams. They’re such a great way to add character and make the space feel so much more elevated. We have 8′ ceilings and I recommend beams it makes the space feel taller and more open. I have a post HERE about DIY wood beams.

Our primary bedroom is smaller but the beadboard, beams and airy feel with the white paint and curtains helps to brighten while making the space feel bigger. This change has made all the difference for my mood and how I appreciate my own bedroom again.

You can click on any of the photos to save to Pinterest for later! I hope this encourages you to find and refine your own style. It’s great to try new things and sometimes step out of our comfort zones for something different. Sometimes it leads to something new we may love, and sometimes it refines and hones our true aesthetic.

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