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Filed in DESIGN & STYLING, PROJECTS & DIY — August 18, 2022

It is no secret I am coffee obsessed. Well, actually iced coffee obsessed. It’s also no secret I end up in the Starbucks drive thru way too many times a week. I’m also a firm believer in creating functional yet beautiful spaces. So, what happens when these two collide?


Our kitchen has undergone a few iterations to get to this point as my style has evolved and our budget has allowed. A few years ago we completed a little refresh removing some upper cabinets and installing open shelving. The open shelving has since moved on and is down along with all the shiplap, but we still had the upper cabinets saved.


We had this empty half wall in our breakfast nook next to the pantry, and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. It honestly looked like forgotten space in the design of the kitchen layout. Last year we finally put those saved cabinets to use, and let me tell you it worked so well!

We first installed a base for the cabinet to sit on using 2×4’s. Attached the cabinet to the base and wall. Added a countertop remnant. Caulked the edges. Tiled floor to ceiling. And there you have it a built-in little coffee bar.

Cabinets are custom stained black. Island is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Don’t love coffee like me? It could easily be used as a serving station for hosting or a cocktail corner. Pretty glassware and serving essentials would also be functional and a pretty use of a similar space.

Like I mentioned I tired of the open shelving and wanted my gorgeous raw edge tile to be the major focal of this kitchen renovation. We ran the tile floor to ceiling and I truly love it! I decided this coffee bar built-in needed something though. I added a beautiful picture light and minimal, simple, spice shelves to store cute mugs, espresso, cinnamon, sugar, syrups, and all the other coffee bar must-haves.

My go-to way of styling is beauty + function. I invest in pretty everyday essentials to elevate my space. This way my essentials also serve as useful decor.

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