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Filed in DESIGN & STYLING, LIFESTYLE, TOP — June 28, 2024

It feels incredible to have this out into the world after months and MONTHS of work. This entire rebrand came rather unexpectedly. Let me give you the backstory and walk you through what went down and how we ended up here all starting back in January…

I’ll be the first to admit, I started the New Year unlike most years in the past… I always kind of choose a word to focus on for the year, something that both fits personally and in my business. But this year was different. I wasn’t motivated to create a design punch list I wanted to work on for the year, or choose a word, or create any hard goals. We experienced a pretty tough holiday season with a few family hardships, and honestly, it just felt nice to not have to make any hard or big decisions.

I found myself in this quiet where I could actually think about other things. I always take a little break from design work but I also took the LARGEST social media detox break umm, ever! I didn’t post to social, the blog, didn’t book any brand deals, and certainly didn’t entertain any design inquiries. It was a HARD RESET. I thought I needed.

Wow. Did I need it… what took place during this break is crazy because truthfully, I don’t know when or how I would have landed in this position, right now had I not.

I had the freedom and time to truly dream again. Where did I want to take my business. Where did I see myself in 5, 10 years. Listen, if you’re so busy day to day you’re zooming through the back end work and daily tasks, that you forget to check in on your goals, what you want out of life and your work… let me tell you, you have an issue just like I did. I had big goals but how was I moving the needle to actually get there? That’s where I was falling short. I took a really hard look at what I offer and why, what actually brings me joy, what I want to spend my days doing, and how to cut out all the rest.

There’s so much noise in the world. It took this hard reset for me to finally quiet what I thought I should be doing, and focus on what I actually needed to be doing. It completely changed EVERYTHING!

Brand partnerships and creating content for other companies had been a large part of my business. I never liked the term “influencer.” It wasn’t my end game, nor my goal. I didn’t relate to that. I wasn’t sharing my favorite skincare or supplements, outfits or whatever else. But I did enjoy creating inspiring content for brands. I would create beautiful images and video for companies to use in their marketing, but creating content just felt like enough. It wasn’t where my passion was and it definitely lost all it’s allure. If you let it social media can become a huge suck. As great as it can be, it can also be hugely misused. And that’s where I was at… I realized the dream brand deals could come in, and it still wouldn’t be where my heart was pulling me.

When I thought about my design work I realized coming in half way through on my client’s projects was the problem. Consulting on lighting, hardware, finishes and tile was great! I loved it! But, I realized I was missing such a large part of the whole process. And after years of prioritizing virtual E-Design, I knew this form of serving my clients was lacking what I was craving most, I was missing the connection. The beauty and intentionality from the beginning to the very end.

When I got to this point I knew it was time to fully revamp Grace Oaks Designs. From design consultant specializing in Virtual E-Design to full Custom Residential Designer.

We’re taking a step back and leaping towards major dreams of wholeheartedly serving our clients with Full Service Design – large scale remodels and new builds. As a small boutique studio there’s only so many clients and projects you can take a year, and I’ve continued to accept E-Design as my way to serve the masses. I’ve had the honor of working on projects coast to coast, amazing new builds and renovations, furnishing entire spaces all from my little studio in the heart of Illinois. And it’s been INCREDIBLE! But I’m truly more excited than ever to transition to Full In-Home Design. With a few really really special E-Design clients here and there throughout the year too.

It’s taken years to get to this point. Leaving design school knowing I wasn’t going back to the city to work at some big fancy firm. I had no idea if I’d ever get to do this the way I wanted, how I wanted. But here we are… I’m doing it! And that’s beautiful success in my book. The family, the life, and the job – the way I wanted to do it. It’s pretty freaking special. And it was time my brand really embodied all that I am, all that I offer, and the way I want to do design!

Introducing the new Grace Oaks, this might just be the biggest transformation yet…

Huge thank you for your support and encouragement during this massive project. Thank you for being in my corner! Take a look around- discover how we work, what we’re about, read the latest design notes on the blog, and even shop my favorite pieces. I’m so glad you’re here
xoxo hillary quinn – founder, principal designer

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