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Filed in DESIGN & STYLING — September 21, 2022

Every year I love dressing the porch up for fall. I find myself gravitating towards very similar looks each year. An array of white and green pumpkins, mums, and a planter of seasonal oriental grass or cabbage. I just love the natural and neutral, and I think it’s great to have your exterior match the interior in terms of design but also styling!

I have a long front porch and with the white brick I love seeing it lined with pumpkins for fall. Before even heading out to get pumpkins or to fill pots I always suggest first, deciding a color scheme. This will keep your overall look cohesive. I chose green, white, black, and wood. A few other examples: Burgundy, white, heirloom rust. Green, white, heirloom rust tones. There’s really a lot of options especially with the beautiful tones of fall. Stick to 2-3 with a neutral backdrop like white.

Then, take into account the planters you have and make a plan. I like a tall planter filled with oriental grasses for height or cabbage for texture. Large hearty mums, and a couple smaller mums for fullness. Then, sprinkle in a couple different size pumpkins. All the odd shaped pumpkins I think add such an organic touch.

My porch needed a little love this season. I hadn’t got to refreshing the stain on the columns like I planned to in the spring. I use Behr Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Exterior Stain and Sealer in the color Cordovan Brown. It looks so much darker, chocolate brown in the can and on the color card, but over cedar it’s a lot lighter. I apply 1 coat with a stain sponge, apply all the way then wipe off any excess. It dries a lighter as well and fades a little over time to a beautiful color.

I also refreshed the front door. My storm door frame is spray painted rustoleum matte black paint + primer in one, and the door is painted Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. One of my favorite black paints, it’s a true black.

Last years porch is one of my favorite looks. I recreated a similar look this year again leaving out the rust tones. I’m using more burgundy inside which I’m loving. So, I kept it neutral with my favorites green and white.


Can’t go wrong with all the earthy and warm cozy tones fall brings! I also love bringing in a basket of firewood or stacked logs. It makes for a cozy scene!

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