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Filed in DESIGN & STYLING, SHOPPING — June 8, 2023

We’ve had our Ikea Kivik sectional for years, it’s been great with young kids and our dogs. But it was beige and definitely feeling blah. It stuck out while the rest of our home is airy and bright, it felt really dull and bland. Although, the fabric was a pain point it was anything but, still very comfortable and great for our family.


Thanks to Comfort Works it’s so simple to update your sofa with a custom slipcover. I love it because I was able to easily transform my entire space by just swapping the cover. It was as easy as taking the old covers off and sliding the new right on, only taking a few minutes.


Their covers are made to fit perfectly, no sagging or loose fabric. A completely tailored fit to your sofa, like it’s the original. This was very important to me because I love the look of slipcovered sofas but they all have one thing in common, structure! Comfort Works covers aren’t your typical universal cover. The materials, thread quality, and tailored fit are beautiful! With over 60 fabric & color options there’s something to fit every style.

The Comfort Works cover fit exactly how my previous Ikea Kivik covers did, and attached the same way with a velcro band attachment. It was so quick to swap and provided a truly seamless finish, it doesn’t even look slipcovered!

After ordering samples, I opted for the pure linen in white. The fabric is beautiful! So soft and gets better and better. I love how elevated yet relaxed it feels. As time has gone on the fabric feels like butter! A good quality linen that only gets better with age! The covers are also machine washable, a must with kids and pets.

Cotton canvas, canvas, linen, textured weave, velvet, clawproof fabric for pets, leather, and even more options all in really beautiful colors and tones. These are just a few options I considered. I highly suggest ordering the samples and comparing to rugs, wood tones, existing furniture, and major decor you plan to have. It helps zero in on the tone of the fabric that fits the space the best since there are a lot of options!

If you’re tired of your old sofa or in need of a refresh Comfort Works is the expert in custom slipcovers and create unmatched beautiful options. They design for over 30 major brand sofas, unmatched selection process with so many options, 3 year limited warranty and ship worldwide. Seriously incredible! I couldn’t be happier with the fabric quality and transformation, I love it!

Thanks to Comfort Works for sponsoring this post.

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