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Filed in DESIGN & STYLING, PROJECTS & DIY — April 14, 2022

Have you ever thought much about the ceiling? More and more it’s becoming known as the fifth wall. And for good reason… adding treatments to it just like a wall can make a huge impact on a space.

Depending on the region typically a ceiling will have texture or be smooth. But what about adding a wall treatment to it? Planking, shiplap beadboard, and even wallpaper are all treatment ideas to accentuate the ceiling.

The most common ceiling treatment that visually packs a punch is real or faux wood beams. Beams can truly make such a huge statement in any space. The wood adds character and charm unlike anything else.

We’ve done both beadboard and faux beams and I love the look. On my project list is adding more faux beams throughout our living room and potentially into the kitchen. We added them to our hallway and I think bringing them into the living room especially will make such a statement.

In my home office we used beadboard paneling from Home Depot on the ceiling. We trimmed it out in 1×2 boards and nailed the beadboard up, painted the entire ceiling and walls my favorite white throughout our entire home, Benjamin Moore White Dove. I love this treatment it makes a statement in this space with the builtins and creates a beautiful focal point.


If you’re worried about ceiling height adding a treatment can actually make your space appear larger! It draws the eye up elongating the room, and if done in a good white can make the space brighter too. Also, painting the ceiling the same color as the walls can have this same effect.

If your ceiling is standard height or on the shorter side faux beams can still be a great option. Opt for a thinner width for less bulk. Gives the same look without compromising height. That’s what we’ve done here. We used 2×6 boards but you could also create a faux box beam that’s less wide as well.

In a large open concept space adding beams is a great way to create division of the rooms. In an open concept living, dining, and kitchen we’ve added beams in several of our designs. It adds so much character!

Lastly, a good rule of thumb for any wall treatment is to be sure to continue it at least twice throughout the home to create a cohesive look. For example, I have beadboard on my home office ceiling and in our nursery closet. My wall treatments are continued at least twice. And now hopefully soon we will continue with the beams as well.

Which feature is your favorite, and which would you add to your home? Stay tuned for our faux beam project, I’ll be sure to share here and on IG.

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