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Filed in DESIGN & STYLING — May 5, 2022

A quick refresh as the seasons change always brightens a space, and I especially like doing this in the bedrooms with new linens. I still LOVE the look of a layered bed in spring and summer, but once the warmer months hit I take thinner linens to get the same cozy, layered look I love.


I went with a thin linen quilt, a gauze cotton quilt, and the most incredible luxurious linen sheets. I keep the comforter at the bottom of the bed. We don’t use it in the summer months but using a thin duvet would help if you like using it. I still achieved a beautiful layered, cozy bed without too many pieces that don’t match the season since they’re lighter weight, textures, and tones.


We’ve needed new nightstands and I’ve wanted an entirely different vibe for quite awhile. I couldn’t find what I was looking for under $1,000 in stock or quick shipping. So, off to IKEA. I love taking basic pieces and upgrading with moulding/trim work, hardware, new feet, and stain or paint. You get a completely custom pieces without the price tag and with a little time invested.

I’ve had the same rug in our primary bedroom for a couple years. Although it’s my absolute favorite distressed vintage like rug, it was time for something new. I wanted something warm with tons of texture to balance my light bedding, curtains and walls.

Also, above the nightstands I had textural art I made for a couple years which was great, but I was ready for something different. A more modern transitional look and I also knew I was getting rid of my wood framed floor mirror. Insert these beautiful black metal arch mirrors. The mirrors make our small room feel bigger and the ceilings taller. Love that! Simple new nightstand styling that’s also functional is all it needed for the finishing touch!


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