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Filed in Uncategorized — July 14, 2022

The main piece to our kitchen renovation I was set on in the design was a show stopping tile that would become the focal of our entire space. I love handcrafted zellige tile for it’s raw, natural beauty, but it was out of budget for this project. I really wanted to take the tile floor to ceiling in the entire kitchen to help it feel bigger and more open.

I found many alternatives but none that even remotely compared to the raw edge, overall style, and size of zellige tiles. Except for one. This hidden gem tile is beautiful and available at your local hardware store. Can you even believe that?! Find the Jeffrey Court Cotton Blossom tile here.

It has the same glossy effect, raw edges giving it a hand-cut hand-crafted look, comes in a similar size, and three color options.

This tile would look amazing laid so many ways, but I chose to run them vertical. We did use a laser level to keep our lines straight and level, but we chose not to use spacers. I love the organic edges and wanted to keep this raw look. It definitely makes the tile so much of what it is. We butted each tile up against each other and followed the laser level line. After, we used a white grout for a clean, simple finish.

I absolutely love the tile and it became the statement of this kitchen, exactly like I hoped for. Let me know what you think of the tile in the comments! If you love this tile like I do you can pin any image by clicking on it to save to your Pinterest for inspo later. Be sure to subscribe so you get the full reveal of this organic modern kitchen renovation. We’re so close. And there’s still so much more to share with this project.


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  1. Jackie says:

    Beautiful 😍 Where is the light fixture from the top of the sink from?

  2. Love the tile
    Which color did you select?
    This is exactly what I want

  3. Kim says:

    Hello! I am smitten with your whole look and your backsplash! I’ve been hunting for a more affordable (for me!) zellige-look tile and here it is!

    Could you please share with me the exact details of your grout? Brand, type, and color if possible. I just love everything about this look and wanna mimic your backsplash!

    Many thanks for sharing this! STUNNING!

    • Hi there! We did a standard white grout. I don’t recall the brand. The tile is a pure white so any pure white grout will give the same look. We stacked vertically with no spacers butting each tile against each other for a very minimal grout line.

  4. Kathy Suddarth says:

    This is just gorgeous! Where did you find your outlet cover to match the tile so well?

  5. Lori T says:

    Love this look. What color are the cabinets? Beautiful!

  6. Kristy says:

    So when you say you didn’t use spacers, you just put the tile exactly side by side and then this is the grout line it creates? I keep being told to use a spacer. Getting ready to use this tile in our shower and putting it up ourselves. Would appreciate any tips with this tile:) Thank you!

    • Hi there! No spacers. The tile were butted against each other. A laser level will help keep lines straight as it’s installed. Spacers aren’t necessary with this type of tile especially because you don’t want to lose the organic raw edge of each tile. If you have to use spacers I would encourage the smallest size possible 1/16 if you can or 1/8.

  7. Ashleigh Mcdonald says:

    Hi!! I love this look so much!! So the exact tile in the picture is the one that is linked? The Jeffrey Court Cotton blossom tile? Can you share the measurements of the tile in the picture? It doesn’t look the same on the Home Depot website as it does in the picture so want to make sure before I order!!
    Thank you!

  8. Kelly says:

    Obsessed with this entire kitchen! What are your countertops made of? Solid surface?

  9. Amy Stadler says:

    Love the tile where do we find it? Especially with vertical!

  10. Sama A says:

    Love the kitchen. What is the material and color of your countertop??

  11. Jaclyn says:

    Hey! We are installing these same tiles in our kitchen. Which exact grout did you use? Do you know if the name was arctic white or bright white? Your kitchen is beautiful!

  12. Alexa Hockemeyer says:

    Love this look! I am copying in my kitchen. Where did you get the outlet covers?

  13. i am disappointed that I’m unable to buy these tiles.

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