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Filed in LIFESTYLE — March 28, 2022

I wanted to wait to write this post until now to really give a full review after a couple months of use, even as a third time mama so many products change over the years. It’s important to remember every baby is different, and so much really depends on your lifestyle. Here’s a look at my tried and true essentials…


Postpartum will look different for everyone especially considering the type of delivery or whether or not you breastfeed, etc. I’m glad I didn’t waste time on a “what’s in my hospital bag” post… you can find approx. 1 million on Pinterest. For my third delivery I didn’t even touch my bag except for these essentials:

There are so many gadgets out there to make life easier, and I swear there’s 100 products for every stage. This time around I’m truly a less is more, back to basics, I don’t need 20 different babies’ holders’ type. My number ONE recommendation is the Newton Mattress. It’s 100% breathable, completely washable made from recyclables and is nontoxic! I wish I had this with my boys. It’s given me peace of mind from SIDS and more just knowing how safe and incredible this is!

Moses basket (& stand) is great for naps and to carry around the house for whatever space you’re in. Sound machine is a must-have, and I prefer this white noise one. We’ve had and now all use this one for the last 5 years! I love both of these baths, the silicone bath is so easy to clean and quick to dry, but I also love the blooming bath for the sink. The snuggle me has been such a help this time around. I put it in our bed during the day while I’m relaxing, on the sofa, or on the floor to play.

I love this sterilizer and dryer it literally cuts so much time out of my day! We use these bottles and have for each of our kids, less parts to wash and they have a natural nipple. If you’re breastfeeding I can’t recommend the Haakaa enough, it saved me the first month. I use on opposite side baby’s nursing on and it catches your let down. I built up a nice freezer stash with this in the beginning! Hands down the best cream is Tubby Todd. I use it for cradle cap, diaper rash, eczema, it’s the best all over ointment! I never liked the nose frida or the bulb syringe but the oogiebear is so easy!

The first couple weeks I kept baby in these tops, our hospital puts baby in this after their first bath. I love for quick access to skin to skin and makes diaper changes so easy. This sleep sack is one of the best, their legs can stretch and come up while keeping arms tight. I love these affordable and soft sleepers, and all the cute soft swaddles. Also, love the solly wrap in the beginning when baby wants snuggled and I need my hands!

I hope this is helpful for any new or soon to be mama’s out there! Don’t forget to follow along for more if you aren’t already on IG here.

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