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Filed in PROJECTS & DIY — March 24, 2022

I’m so excited to REVEAL our kitchen refresh. The projects that went into this space are things I’ve wanted to do since buying our home nearly four years ago. It takes time and that’s okay! I also wanted to add I am a firm believer in loving and enjoying your home NOW. Not when you can afford a contractor to demo the whole space, or when you can do xyz to it. Start now. Enjoy it now. Even in the in between.

This is also why I love DIY so much and always choose this route instead of hiring things out. First of all, it’s more affordable and how we’re able to refresh so many spaces. Secondly, it means a lot more to us (my husband and I) knowing we did it with our own hands. That sense of accomplishment, the skill and knowledge it’s all so gratifying.

Sometimes there are phases in renovations for us, and sometimes things slowly change over time just because my style shifts. With the kitchen refresh it was a phase type of project. Two years ago, we finally removed the ugly backsplash, put up shiplap throughout the kitchen and the island and painted the whole space including our dining nook. Then, last year we replaced the lighting.

Here we are two years later, and this major refresh is complete. We  removed most of our upper cabinets, refinished some shiplap where cabinets were, added open shelves, made a faux vent hood, refinished the counters to quartz look alike, replaced hardware and sink pendants, made a round pedestal table, new chairs and counter stools, and a basket woven pendant for the nook. All DIY. All on our own and for about $750. IT IS POSSIBLE, friends! You can do it too.

I am planning to share the remaining DIY tutorials for our open shelving, countertop refinishing and my basket woven pendant light soon. Until then I hope you enjoy a look at our finished kitchen, the heart of our home. 

I hope this encourages you to tackle any space in your own home. Don’t wait for the perfect timing when you can have it ALL done. Enjoy your home now and in the in between. Thank you for coming along with this major refresh. I definitely shed a few tears of joy and accomplishment over this space. There have been several moments I’ve just stared with the hugest smile because finally the heart of our home is done, and it feels right! 

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  1. Hazel Avery says:

    What a great article. I love your cabinets. The color is to die for. I’m trying to get a fresh cabinet painting soon in my own place, and seeing your design was really helpful to me. Thanks for sharing!

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