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Filed in PROJECTS & DIY — March 24, 2022

I love the woven pendant trend but not the price tag some of those amazing lights carry. Last April for the One Room Challenge I added woven pendants to our patio makeover using puck lights inside the basket since we did not have an electrical source for a wired pendant.

When we began designing our kitchen and dining nook refresh, I knew I wanted to add a woven pendant over the dining table. So, just as with our patio I decided to make my own. Way more cost effective and it’s super easy! This light cost about $24 total, the basket I already had but originally was $12 from Homegoods, and the pendant was under $10.

The most simple and basic pendant light is best for this project. I found this pendant for under $10, there are only 4 left so hurry and scoop it up. Another option under $12 that will work here. You don’t need the cage or glass cover only the light and cord.


Single pendant light kit
-Drill/Sheers to make a small hole


  1. 1. Cut a small hole in the bottom center of the basket or use pliers to open the weave a little more to thread the light fixture cord through the weave.
  1. 2. Prepare the pendant, only using the light and cord itself no shades needed.
  1. 3. Determine height want the light at and position on ceiling.
  1. 4. Install pendant light.


-Any basket will work, it’s totally preference with the size/shape/style, so this is completely customizable.

-If the basket is a more closed weave, cut some weaves out using wire cutters or really sharp sheers to let even more light filter through.

-My basket had handles I simply cut them off. Any basket can work, and you can change it up to make it work easier like removing handles or if it has any frills on the outside like tassels etc. Just cut it off!

-If you happen to find the right size and shape basket but don’t love the tone, you can even spray paint baskets! A white or black woven pendant would look amazing! I use Rust-Oleum paint and primer in one in a matte finish. 

I would love to see your basket lights if you make one! There are so many possibilities to customize this to your style, and there isn’t a space it wouldn’t work in… so many options! Tag me on IG or send me a photo of your lights!

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