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Filed in DESIGN & STYLING — April 12, 2023

My number one goal when designing a kid’s space is that they feel a part of it, it reflects who they are but also stands the test of time! I love paying tribute to their interests, hobbies or their favorite place. A little nod to what they love but in a clean, modern, and elevated way.

In most cases the rooms are smaller, need massive organization, and simplicity. My best tips for creating a functional yet beautiful space for those little ones to the bigs.


Get their ideas and then present curated options for them to choose from. It works well because all of these options you know will work yet they get the final vote. This includes pattern and colors; bright or bold colors often shift to their more muted counterpart. Like mauve for pink or sage green and dusty blue hues.


Have a baseball obsessed little boy or a ballerina dancing little lady? Whatever their interests are using subtle ways to bring the space to life with their interests makes a huge difference in it feeling like theirs. While also bringing in personality and charm. Another great way to do this is by incorporating special mementos in the décor.


I’m a firm believer in containing the clutter. All kiddos come with their piles of things, and I prefer to disguise it with decorative storage solutions. Instead of open storage it’s closed/hidden. Investing in closet systems and pretty baskets is a big deal in curating a beautiful yet functional space. I also appreciate creative storage solutions that elevate the design like sleek acrylic bookshelves, for example.


A little trend here and there is fun but when selecting furniture and the big pieces I opt for classics. I know it’ll stand the test of time and creates a space they can grow into. It’s much easier to swap décor or a few accents in bedding like throw pillows when interests change down the road. It’s also important to keep the large pieces more neutral and incorporate muted color or pattern in accents that are easier to swap later.

I always encourage characterless bedding… I know that can be a challenge but there’s other ways to bring in their interests that are less in your face. My absolute favorite bedding for kid’s rooms is Beddy’s! My kid’s love it and we love it even more. It’s like one huge sleeping bag for your mattress. It fits right over top and unzips including a comforter and sheet in one. Making the bed for bunks is an actual breeze. We had our first set for 3 years and just swapped for this beautiful set- Franklin, check it out HERE. use code: GRACEOAKS to save, see more options HERE.

Creating a space the kiddos AND you love is possible! Intentional design goes way beyond furniture placement or finishes. Sometimes it’s more about blending comfort and function, marrying style and simplicity. Remember you can click any image above to save to your pinterest boards, and follow along on IG for more behind the scenes design, home styling, and my favorite neutral decor finds.

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