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Filed in DESIGN & STYLING — February 1, 2023

Just like with everything else trends come and go, and usually resurface with a new flare to them years later. Perfect example: flare yoga pants are back… but I’ll say it right now that’s one bandwagon I’m not hopping back on. Nevertheless, we’re here to talk interior trends in 2023…


paved the way in 2022 and certainly isn’t headed out this year either. More reminiscence vintage, found, floral. I think the broader coastal grandma look is very nostalgic; vintage floral, old wicker/rattan. Even trickling into furniture design there’s a rise in 70’s curved furniture framing and feet. How to add it with a more modern approach: warmer rich woven accents and wood tones, found vases and pots, a muted floral pattern in a throw pillow.


Also, feeling very reminiscence. Both Grandpa Chic and Coastal Grandmother bringing in all the nostalgia but more heritage homage like plaids, worn leather, and bold, rich green and blue hues. Simple plaid throws, a neutral muted plaid wallpaper, dark leather accent chairs are all a nice way to add this trend with a modern approach.

3. STONE –

Like last year, natural materials are a huge component in design. Soapstone and marble are both beautifully classic yet right on trend. We’ll see more slab backsplashes, waterfall islands, and even more stone decor accents.


While some may argue this trend never really left the scene it’s definitely making a statement this year. Bold tile patterns for flooring, patterned rugs, statement stone countertops with thick veining.



Warmer rich woods are IN. And so is brown! All the earthy muted hues, warm woods, and browns. Out with the grays. Even seeing a lot of beige coming back into play in paint colors.

SOURCE: GRACEOAKSDESIGNS – you know I’m all for the browns + warmth!


Before your eyes widen in shock, no open concept isn’t headed out. Most new construction builds are privy to open concept. But we will see a large resurgence of more closed space designs in 2023. Since the pandemic, needing separation of space has become increasingly popular. Also, with decor trends more layered cozy styles are in. I also think we’ll see more architectural statements in layout like arch doorways.


Limewash and plaster are still having their moment. It’s not heading out anytime soon. And really the revival of this finish is largely due to social media. It’s been around and used for centuries. Pair it with organic neutral decor and definitely try this trend out in a small space before committing. Powder bathrooms are a great space to test roman clay or limewash paints. Plaster fireplace and range hoods are also booming with popularity. It’s that natural texture that lends itself to an organic modern design style that is so sought after!


Do you have a favorite trend you want to try out? While trends are fun to incorporate it’s important to remember it’s all about context with styling or designing a space from scratch. A few trendy touches to a space can make it feel fresh, but a true neutral classic space will always feel timeless. And no matter what remember if you love it and your home creates the feeling you want to achieve that’s all that matters!

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