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Filed in DESIGN & STYLING — October 5, 2022

Home is most definitely a feeling to me. I design everything with a feeling first, because that feeling impacts the entire aesthetic and style of the space. And it’s no different when the seasons change or the holidays roll around. In fact, I think it takes on even more.

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If you stop and think about it for a second- how do you want your home to feel? It really does matter. It really does make a big difference from the overall design down to the styling.

For example, I crave a peaceful, functional but very beautiful space. My palette should read that feeling. It’s the same for a season like autumn. I think about what the season means, what it brings with it, and how I can translate that into my home’s style.

Autumn to me means warmth, cozy, crisp air and changing leaves, togetherness. The colors naturally change to warmer tones. It’s colder. Taking a moment to look at what the season is and what it brings gives you the opportunity to decorate your home with that feeling instead of directly what it is… like pumpkins everywhere.

Using warmer tones like browns, black, rust, and burgundy. Thicker textures and cozy like boucle or sherpa, and chunky knits. These two elements imply fall naturally and can be used perfectly to style for the season.

Here’s how I make simple changes to my home for fall without my spaces screaming, it’s fall y’all… because trust me, they really don’t have to. There’s another way!

-swap greenery for dried florals and big leafy statement branches real or faux
-add in warmer toned throw pillows and blankets, adding a few with cozy textures
-bring in darker, moodier accents like blacks and vintage or worn/aged vessels for character
-swap artwork in frames or walls for warmer seasonal landscapes
-use natural fall elements like pinecones, figs, pears, squash/pumpkins. What’s naturally in harvest can look beautiful in the kitchen
-more ambiance: lamps, candles, fires


When you think about the fall season what comes to mind to you? A few simple changes can make your home an inviting, cozy landing for the season.

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