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Filed in LIFESTYLE, SHOPPING — March 28, 2022

Do you feel like you’re too busy or there’s never enough time for spring cleaning and organizing the home? I wholeheartedly understand and feel the same way! That is why I came up with this guide to spring cleaning & home organization for the busy mama and modern family.

There are a few tips I follow to make my life easier. I’ve noticed it’s been even more helpful as I’m in my final weeks of pregnancy with two very busy little boys, and a demanding husband’s work schedule. I know once baby is here added to the mix, I’ll be even more thankful.



Overall, I follow a less is more approach. I’m not a true minimalist but I do appreciate having less, and anything that comes in HAS to have a home. I don’t need 10+ tupperware, 40 towels, or 25 tumblers and water bottles. And I don’t believe you do either. It’s easier to let go of things when you think about how freeing it is, how much more space you’ll have, and how much easier it becomes to tidy up thereafter!
*golden rule if it hasn’t been used in 6 months it’s time for it to go.


I like to keep my organization cohesive throughout the home. It makes it easier to swap baskets and bins when I need extra storage in one area and less in another. I always revisit our organization every few months. It’s helpful versus once a year to check how it’s working, how it could function better, and what we aren’t using or don’t need. Overall, the systems I use have kept us very organized. Day to day business will inevitably leave its mark needing a clean out every few months, but overall it keeps us functioning in such a clear and organized way throughout!

I use baskets to corral like things and hide the unpretty contents. Most of our toy/playroom storage and our closet storage baskets are the same. It keeps it cohesive, easy to swap, and hides all the things no-one wants to look at! I love drawer organizers for our vanities, kitchen drawers, dresser drawers for the littles, and office. I’ve used the same jars for our pantry organization that I use smaller versions of for bathroom storage as well. Again, keeping it all cohesive makes things so much easier.

When it comes to food storage, I prefer to see what we have. It takes less time for meal planning and making shopping lists. I enjoy having it look nice and neat while still being pretty in my pantry cabinet, and also easier for the kids to see their snacks!

Pretty glass storage for all my baking. These plastic bpa free containers for pastas, rice, cereals, and kid’s snacks. Having everything out of their boxes and packaging makes it so much neater, and you fit more stored in the space. I also use these plastic bins in my pantry drawer for grab and go items like granola bars, raisons, oatmeal packets, and our single serve snacks on the go. So much easier and it looks neater!

I function best in a neat, beautiful space. Not everyone will care about the appearance of storage, but I certainly do! When it looks nice and pretty, we’re all more likely to keep it that way! Also, having pretty storage makes our everyday essentials that stay out look nice and feels more put together. It can also act as its own decor. Less on the kitchen counters, bathroom vanity, dresser top. A pretty tray to corral glass storage jars with a few decorative accents added and it’s the perfect vignette on any surface that is both functional and beautiful.


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