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Filed in DESIGN & STYLING — March 25, 2022

We’re all living through something we’ve never experienced before. A global pandemic can really put things in perspective. I’ve felt an overwhelming push to share my thoughts on creating our own haven. I’ve always been passionate about home, helping you create a home you love. Now, I really hope I’m able to encourage you to feel like home is sacred; your happy place, the place full of joy and memories, your comfort and safe place.

Before anything else, learn to appreciate all the good about your home instead of focusing on the negative, or all the things you want to change about it. Have natural light? Be thankful for that sunshine! Have a soft bed? Be thankful for a cozy spot to fall into at night. Perspective really impacts mood. 

Make a favorite spot for yourself. Morning coffee near a window you can get sunlight and look out the window, or a cozy reading chair. Appreciate this spot, always keep it tidy and welcoming to you.

Lighting can make the hugest impact on mood. Something so simple as opening the curtains and letting natural light in. Or, swapping out warm yellow bulbs for a brighter white, it makes everything look nicer and more appealing in the home.

-I personally don’t like the yellow glow of a warm bulb. I also don’t like the cool blue tone of daylight bulbs. The perfect medium is a 3500-4000 Kelvin bulb that lends a bright light that is still on the warmer spectrum than daylight/cool blue.

Home should absolutely be a reflection of our personal style. For me, we thrive on a peaceful, airy backdrop. Especially during these difficult times we’re appreciating how soothing our home is to us. Each room feels this way because of a cohesive color palette and décor style throughout.

Creating functional décor means less clutter. While everything around us feels so chaotic and extreme I’m more than ever before appreciating “less is more.” Having less somehow makes us feel lighter, our homes more open, and creates a feeling of control. I’ve never spent this much time in my kitchen, and I’m grateful to not have cluttered counters. The more clutter the busier my mind and home feels, which isn’t the feeling I want to evoke in my space.

-A few little stations around the kitchen that serve as functional décor create purpose and keeps our home in order while being pretty.
-Also, having pretty organization that hides the clutter or busy stuff we own. Toys, games, movies, whatever it may be. I like to organize it, but have it hidden in baskets.

Keep a cozy home by layering textiles and textures, comfy throw pillows and light linens to curl up with. A yummy candle or diffusing a favorite oil blend, turning the light dimmer down, and even turning the fireplace on (without the heat setting in warmer months) – all can create a warm feeling of home that you’ll love to be immersed in.  

Use pieces that evoke the feeling you’re seeking in your home. Swap décor around to create a new feeling in each space. Add new throw pillow covers to the sofa and bed for a fresh look. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you can move around what you already have to give it a fresh look.

-Repurpose pieces you already have. An old vase that isn’t your style anymore, give it new life with spray paint. Old frames you don’t like, try sanding down and re-staining or paint them. Try your hand at making your own art. Easy botanical art is beautiful or create an abstract piece. Find inspiration on IG or Pinterest and try your hand at recreating a similar look with what you have at home. Be resourceful, you’d be surprised how easy it is to create when you don’t think about it too much!

You don’t need to order all new décor, or completely redo your entire home. While, new pieces or a fresh design may make our spaces feel more intentional I hope these tips help you seek creating your own haven now with what you have!

There’s never been a better time to create an intentional home you love to be in. I hope you’re able to spend this time at home focusing on what is most important. If you find you need to focus on your home, create small pockets of functionality that are beautiful and bring peace to your space. When you look around your home is it full of memories, and the people you love most? That’s what is more important than anything else.

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