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Filed in Uncategorized — April 28, 2022

I’ve talked about this for years… you should love where you live. Whether that’s an in-between season of life you’re living, your dream home, or a project filled fixer upper. We all have different lives, lifestyles, and needs. But one thing I will always passionately say LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE no matter what, no matter where.

That doesn’t have to mean gut your bathroom and spend 10’s of thousands unnecessarily. I strongly believe there’s ways to pour into our spaces in an in-between season waiting for what’s next or with humble budgets in a fixer upper saving for the big renovation later.


Case in point our kitchen has been a constant evolution of small refreshes year after year. Five years ago, I could have waited for a healthy large reno budget and done what I love now, but that would have meant living with a space I truly hated for five years. That life ain’t for me. 😉


So, first we added shiplap because I loved the look. Next, we took down uppers added floating shelving, replaced lighting, did an epoxy countertop treatment, painted again, made a vent hood.

Last spring, we took down some open shelving near the stove. It felt very heavy to me and I never truly loved it there. We revamped the hood with feather finish concrete like our fireplace. Then, added a built-in coffee bar station next to our pantry. I love it.

Unfortunately, this market is crazy. If you’re a homeowner or desiring to be I’m sure you already know. We’ve been searching for our forever home with land for a LONG time. I’m tired of holding off on new projects simply because I’m waiting for our next adventure.

So, we’re renovating the kitchen. Again. Bringing it from Modern-Farmhouse to Organic Modern-European with just a few switches. I’ve been slowly revamping my spaces over the last year to reflect my true style and the style I exclusively design in for my interior design clients. I love a neutral natural organic vibe. And it’s time my kitchen better reflected that. It’s the heart of our home, where I basically spend all my time as a mom of three, and it’s seen by the entire first floor. I’m ready for a more cohesive seamless look throughout, and I’m so excited about it!

Which brings me to the part where I know my opinion is going to ruffle some feathers. It’s a little controversial…

I’m tired of shiplap. There I said it. I think it’s beautiful in homes where it’s truly meant to be there. Traditional real shiplap, in a real old farmhouse, coastal homes, and in the South. Not my kitchen in the middle of the mid-west country. Then again you could say my love of a California, desert organic European style doesn’t necessarily make sense here either.

But that’s exactly why I’m so passionate about loving where you live. Your surroundings directly impact your mood. As a creative person my home is my palette. It’s my canvas and essentially a part of my portfolio. More than that it’s imperative I feel peace here. Even if our next adventure awaits in the coming year or not. I believe your home should feel peaceful. It’s our safe haven. So, why wait?


  • Remove shiplap
  • Tile counter to ceiling
  • Plaster vent hood
  • New breakfast nook table & chairs
  • Vertical planking nook
  • Island build out
  • Paint
  • Open shelving
  • New decor

I hope you’ll follow along as I take my very Modern-Farmhouse kitchen to a completely new vibe. Stay tuned to IG stories where I’ll share all the behind the scenes. More coming soon…


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