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Filed in DESIGN & STYLING — March 25, 2022

Creating an intentional, peaceful home is my top priority for my family. For me, I think it is more about a way of life than simply adding a plant to a cozy corner. Establishing a daily routine to fill my cup up, creating intentional pockets in my home that give me the feelings I seek out in my space, and focusing on balance. 


When I think about what home means to me, and what I want my home to feel like I’m convinced my background has everything to do with the way I create home for my family. And I think we all pull from our upbringing and backgrounds to form our future. 

We may not all have the same experiences, traumas, passions, desires. But we all do have a past. And regardless of what that looks like it shapes our view of all things around us, including the way we view our home. 

Growing up in a divorced broken family, the traumas I’ve experienced since with loss and pain, and so much more contributes to the calm and peace I want in my home. Often times home didn’t feel very calm or peaceful when I was younger. I also think home has so much more to do with our own personal beliefs, culture, struggle and more. I battle with anxiety daily, knowing this it solidifies even more the feeling I need my home to have. I value and crave serenity!

I don’t think it has to always be this deep. But when we really pause to think about it, what did your home look like growing up? What does your home look like now? How does it feel? How do you wish it felt? For some it could mean calming, others it could mean bright, upbeat, fun. It’s different for each of us. But how do we pinpoint and create it in our spaces?

It starts with intention. Intentionally creating pockets of joy, calm, peace, serenity in my home helps keep my family grounded. That’s not to say our entire home can look this way, it isn’t realistic, but small pockets devoted to capturing this feeling and welcoming it in help breathe life into us all. It’s a trickle-down effect: small little moments that help create these intentional joy, calm, peace, and serene feelings feeds into each of us which effects our mood, perspective, mindfulness. It’s a whole balance.


A few tips that have helped keep me accountable in creating the peace I seek in my spaces:

-Less clutter/less things: constant donating or repurposing. One item in means one item out. This also is the mindset I have for my organization. Less is more in my home styling, our everyday products, clothing etc. I’m not a true minimalist by any means. But I strive for less things to keep my mind clutter free. When I see clutter, I feel anxious and overwhelm.

-Organization: again, less is more, but everything has a home, and if it doesn’t it’s gone. Creating pretty storage is my goal, always. A balance of functional and beautiful to look at. It helps the home feel put together and accessible.

-Cozy: I strive for cozy corners that promote a deep sigh of relief. A comfy chair, throw blanket, a design book, and a splash of greenery for life. It’s like a warm hug. Sit down and breathe. Light neutrals, textiles, earthy tones, and greenery or florals help bring a grounding to a calm corner to take a load off in.

-Softness: when choosing linens, I almost always choose light tones. I prefer a light and airy space that feels calm and serene. I want our bedrooms to feel like a warm hug. Soft, calming, an oasis. Adding lamps, pretty textures, linen curtains, woven details- they all add to the sense of the feelings I’m trying to create.

All of these elements transpire into the way we feel from exactly what our space brings us. A diffuser with essential oils, implementing a daily routine, and creating intentional pockets truly attribute to the peace we want in our homes. When it feels serene around us, we naturally feel calmer and more relaxed.

It’s always an adjustment. Every corner doesn’t feel this way, but intentionally creating a few spaces or corners to retreat to, make all the difference! Give these tips a try- I’d love to hear how your home feels and if it reflects how you wished it would!

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  1. Leah Baker says:

    I totally understand what you’re saying. I’m the same way. White is my favorite color,natural wood color or weathered grayish wood color. Thank you for sharing parts of your home.

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