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Filed in PROJECTS & DIY — March 27, 2022

Each time I get asked about any of our outdoor furniture everyone is shocked to learn we made it. I chose each furniture piece based off of designs I loved from World Market. Not expensive by any means, and actually I think they’re all great affordable options. However, I knew we could make it way cheaper; it’d last longer being made of solid wood and treated correctly, and we could customize it to fit our space. This is why I sometimes choose DIY over purchasing a furniture piece. 

Last spring, we made our patio sofa and chairs based off of Ana White free plans, find the chairs here and sofa here. We customized the size to fit our cushions which I got from Target- they’re the Threshold brand and have held up amazingly for two years now, still look new. I do a fresh spray of scotch guard twice a summer on them. The sofa cushion I made using outdoor fabric from Hobby Lobby.

This year we added the coffee table for our patio and a dining table for the deck. Similar styles to the collection that matches my other furniture I love from World Market. I stained everything in Behr Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Stain & Sealer in Cordovan Brown. The tone is perfect and this outdoor stain holds up really well!

Dining Table – 72”L x 38”W x 28”H

We made the dining table a little shorter because of our bistro chair seats. In hindsight we could have made it a little longer and wider for a bit more space, but this table works great comfortably to seat 6. Originally, I had planned to add a 2×4 piece to brace underneath by notching the wood brace to the legs. However, it didn’t work as nicely with this style table.

-Take two 2x4s cut at 28” using wood glue and 3” screws drill them together. Repeat for total of 4 legs.

-Make a frame out of 4 2×4 and the legs, cut 2 at 28” and 2 at 60.” Build the frame by drilling the ends together into the legs using 3” screws, be sure they’re flush.

-Assemble the tabletop using 1x4s. Cut 18 1x4s to 30.” Cut 2 1x4s to 38.” Cut 2 1x4s to 63 ¼. 

Attach the 18 1x4s using nail gun. Then, attach long side and end pieces. 

-Cut 45’ angles out of 2x4s long side 6.5”, 8 total pieces. Screw to the frame on the underside using 3” screws for support.

-If you want to add an umbrella, we used a 1 3/8 hole saw to cut the hole in the center for the umbrella pole. Be sure to use correct size that fits your umbrella pole diameter. 

Coffee Table – 34”L x 32½” W x 15”H

To begin cut 4 4×4 pieces to 15” or desired height.

Then cut 8 1×4 pieces to 32” both ends at 45 angles.

Begin building the frame of the table by nailing a 1×4 on the top of the 4×4 legs flush. Continue around each side matching up the angles flush.

Next, we used 2 1x4s on the 1” side to space between the 1×4 nailed on the legs to give the spacing for the next set of 1x4s to nail around the table frame.

Begin nailing the remaining 4 1x4s to the legs around the frame (about 1 ½” down). Then, add a 3” screw in the center one on each end of each 1×4 around the frame of the table.

Lastly, cut 6 1×6 boards to 34” and nail two on each end of the 1×6 on the top.  

Next week is the full reveal of our exterior refresh. If you like these updates be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the big reveal and future DIY’s!

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