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Filed in PROJECTS & DIY — March 25, 2022

I’m loving the textile art trend you can find from designer decor retailers. Like this Woven Patchwork piece from McGee & Co. What I don’t love, the hefty price tag it carries. Especially when it’s a piece I can make myself at home for very little investment!

I’ve made a version of this before using left over fabric and put the frame in my china hutch. We needed new art for our master bedroom refresh to hang above the nightstands, and instantly I knew this easy art would be perfect.

 grabbed a yard of gorgeous home decor fabric from Hobby Lobby. I always check the home decor aisles with the big rolls of fabric, near the drapery. Thick specialty fabrics work best for this project that have tons of texture and variation.

This Homegoods frame has a matte and would have been perfect but I preferred the softer look of the wood frame. Homegoods is a great place to check for large matted frames.


Frames (these are what I chose)
-Hot glue gun or heavy duty double sided adhesive tape


-If your frame has a matte use that as a guide to cut the fabric to size. You can choose to cover the entire surface with fabric or have some of the matte showing. I personally prefer the look of the matte showing.

-If the frame doesn’t have a matte you can use the back of the paper in the frame (if it’s the correct color) or add paper to use as a matte. I flipped the paper over from my frame and cut my fabric the size I liked.

-Either using hot glue or heavy duty double sided adhesive tape, glue fabric down to the paper (be sure fabric is right side up). I did a light layer in the center of the top, bottom and both sides. 

This gives the fabric a little breathing room, it isn’t firmly glued down. It looks more freeform and organic, which I prefer!

If you make your own I’d love to see what you use and how it turns out. Tag me on instagram, I love to share your projects in stories. You can also Pin any of these photos to Pinterest to save for later!

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